Wine Tour: Putting the Port in Porto

What’s Porto, Portugal known for you ask?

Obviously port wine!

Experiencing that nice, sweet, and succulent taste of port wine was extra amazing in Porto. It’s similar to drinking Guinness in Dublin, Ireland – it always tastes better where it’s originally made.

I did a port wine tour, where we went to a few different places and tried different types of port wine along the way. I believe we ended up having 7 glasses of wine (not full glasses of course) each. As a bonus, at one of the places, they have a live performance of people singing fado (genre of music from Portugal that, “were sung by widows”).

I’ve done wine tours before in Kelowna and visited some bigger BC wineries such as Mission Hill Estate and Quail’s Gate – and I’ve absolutely loved it. Learning about how the wine is made, learning how to drink it, and of course learning the food pairings is always a great experience.

When it came to the port wine tour, we did exactly those three things. It was really cool to see that although I’m halfway across the world, the art of wine making and appreciation remains very consistent.

Out of all my new experiences, this has got to be the most sophisticated.

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