Designing Your Life Around Surfing and More

I have always wanted to learn how to surf (like a lot of people) so I jumped at the opportunity to take a surfing class in Portugal. I had no idea what to expect but I imagined that it would be similar to snowboarding which I have done in Vancouver.

To my surprise, we still had to wear wet suits due to how cold the water was and this was during the summer. We spent the whole day learning how to get on the board and then learning how to try surf a wave without getting up.

It was an amazing day and I was able to stand up once or twice during smaller waves. There’s something about surfing that is very relaxing. Even when you are waiting, you feel at peace. The closest thing to this feeling is meditation but surfing is more physically enjoyable (if you like water).

I been itching to go surfing again somewhere where you don’t have to wear a wetsuit like Hawaii! If you never tried surfing, give it a go! You may just fall in love with it.