My Final and Most Breathtaking Experience (Literally)

For my final experience, I got to skydive in Seville, Spain. This is probably the most typical type experience that comes to mind when people think of “trying new things” or “living life to the fullest”. Skydiving is interesting since it's actually quite scary when you think about it and yet so worth it.

You start by doing a short training of what you need to do in the air which is not very much since you jump with another instructor (tandem skydiving). You then get suited up and jump into a small plane.

This is where things start to become real. You’re on the plane going up which most people have done before but then you realize that you will be jumping off from the plane instead of landing with it!

We reached our altitude which was 12,000 feet for us and then the plane door opens. A bunch of other people jumped ahead of me and then me and my instructor wobble towards the door. At that moment, I could see the ground and my heart starts to beat really fast.

Just before you jump, I put my whole weight on my instructor and he takes control. He decides that we should do a front flip out of the plane and then we are free falling. Those few seconds after jumping is probably the most adrenaline I have ever felt. You freefall for a 1 minute or so and it's impossible to grasp how fast you’re falling but the feeling is amazing.

We then parachute our way down which takes a few minutes and gives us an amazing view of Seville. This part is actually really calming as long as you don’t look down and realize how far up in the air your are. Overall, this experience was well worth all the nervousness that you have to go through as you get ready to jump.