Skydiving: Birds-eye View of Seville, Spain

Let me start by saying that I am deathly afraid of heights.

I’m the person that will be one floor up at the mall and when I look down, my knees start to get weak and I need to start holding onto something.

Why the heck did I even think about skydiving then?!

My mentality: I want to continuously push myself beyond what I perceive are my limits. And skydiving is one activity that I want to try before I die (knock on wood).

It’s as simple as that. Also, I heard that Spain was one of the best places to skydive in the world. With those two things on my mind, I planned a trip to Seville, Spain, to throw myself out of a plane.

For everyone out there that is also afraid of heights, let me tell you 2 things right now:

1) I’m still alive

2) I actually had a blast

Instead of telling you the story of my skydiving experience, let me share with you 8 facts about this new experience/bucket list item/thing that I never thought I would ever do:

1) When you’re 15,000ft up in the air, you can’t possibly comprehend what “height” even is

2) There is no time for you to chicken out once you’re up there

3) As a first time jumper, you are doing a tandem jump, meaning you are strapped to an instructor and they control everything – I asked my instructor how many jumps he has completed and he told me 10,000+. That’s when I realized that skydiving is probably one of the safest things out there

4) When you finally understand and can soak in what is happening, it’s already too late and that’s when you start learning to enjoy the beauty of gliding in the air, and staring into the horizon with the parachute in full function

5) The entire experience lasted about 5 minutes

6) When you’re free-falling, the wind is so strong that it’s pretty tough to move your limbs and your mouth will get super dry

7) You forget that you’re afraid of heights once you’re airborne

8) I would totally do this again

Definitely one of those experiences where I can say that I’ve fought my fears, although, I’m actually still scared of heights.

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