Scuba Diving: Mentally, the Toughest Experience Ever

For someone that doesn’t know how to swim, this new experience asked me to submerse myself in the unknowns and learn to be a temporary resident of the open waters. This was hands down one of the toughest experiences I had to endure because my mind couldn’t comprehend the idea of breathing freely under water.

I remember vividly that there were about 10 of us trying scuba diving for the first time together. We received a quick tutorial on the do’s and don’ts of scuba diving, equipped ourselves with our gear (boy, was the oxygen tank was heavy), and proceeded to get acquainted with breathing underwater.

It took everyone about 5 minutes to get used to breathing underwater… whereas, I was still struggling. It got to the point where everyone was waiting for me. After about 15 minutes, I was having such a frustrating and difficult time that I had verbally told my instructor that I wanted to give up. Instead of leading me back to dry land, our instructor insisted that I continue to try and relax. His support was integral to me continuing this experience and a few my tries later, I finally felt somewhat comfortable.

And then on we went into the unknowns. It was an extremely scary experience because I didn’t know how to navigate my body under water, and adding to that, now I had to understand how to breathe. Honestly, for the first while, I couldn’t enjoy any of the underwater beauties because I was so focused on not dying.

When I did manage to acclimatize myself, I got to soak in the entire experience – and it was wicked. To be amongst all the creatures that live under water and glide from one spot to another was simply astonishing. The entire experience lasted about 20 minutes, but it was one that I’ll remember for a lifetime.

I have to give a shout out to my instructor, as he supported me throughout the entire experience... and when I told him that I didn’t know how to swim afterwards, he thought I was legitimately crazy.

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