Watching a Movie Under the Stars (Outdoor Cinema)

One of the new experiences I wanted to try while doing my 10in10 was to go to an outdoor cinema and watch an awesome movie under the stars. I first discover drive-in theaters back in Vancouver and loved the experience so outdoor cinemas were right up my alley.

Even though you’re crammed into a small vehicle and you don’t get any of the fancy AVX/3D/Surround experience, watching a movie at a drive in theater is amazing. There’s something about it that feels old school, like I just traveled back in time.

I then discovered outdoor cinemas where you get to watch a movie outdoors and you also get to sit in a pretty comfortable chair. We ended up booking two tickets to the movie of the night (without knowing what it was!) and hoping for the best.

It turned out to be an amazing experience. The movie was actually a black and white film which further reinforced the old school feeling and we had some great views from our seats of the Akropolis. Surprisingly, the theater wasn’t full which is crazy to me because this experience is perfect during the summertime (when we did it).

If you never been to an outdoor cinema, I highly recommend you check it out. It's a tough business to be in since they can’t seem to compete with regular theaters which makes this experience even more special since it might disappear in the future. Find your local outdoor theater and go watch an awesome today!