Free Hugs: Where is the Love?

You’ve all seen it on Youtube. Some of you have even seen it in person. And maybe a few of you have done it before.

Giving free hugs.

It seems like a very simple thing, but I can guarantee you that it isn’t. The idea of rejection is a very real and powerful deterrent to doing something for the average human being. The fear of judgement and embarrassment can stop a lot of us from trying something new.

This day was the day I put myself out there and fight this fear. This day was the day I open myself to possible public ridicule, judgement, and rejection. And let me tell you this, it wasn’t easy.

I held my free hug sign in the middle of a plaza in Seville, Spain and I was nothing but nervous. People were passing by, people we staring, but people weren’t accepting my invitation for a free hug.

After about 10 minutes of feeling like the smallest person in the world, I finally got my first hug. It’s crazy what the first taste of success can do to an individual. I started to genuinely smile, I was gaining my confidence back, and I starting feeling a sense of hope.

After that first hug, I ended up giving away over 20 hugs over the next 15 minutes.

This new experience goes to show how one single positive act can dramatically impact someone. Most people will think that I made peoples’ day by giving them a hug, but in reality, they all made my day by giving me the hug I desperately needed.

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