Asking a Fortune Teller How to Live Life to the Fullest

I always been interested in fortune telling and all the weirdness around it. I had a chance to book an appointment with a tarot reader in Barcelona and ask her all about the different areas of my life. For those who don’t know, tarot readers use cards to tell you about your future.

You start out by asking her a question and she then shuffles the cards and deals them in front of you. She then combines different cars to come up with a “message” about your future. I had 20 minutes with my fortune teller and got a chance to ask her about work, health and love.

This is also a great time to mention that this took place in Spanish which is made it even more special to me (I don’t speak as much as Spanish back home in Vancouver).

Did she nail my future? To be honest, the stuff she told me felt pretty general. She was able to tell me a few things about how my life was going to be or certain events that were going to happen but the specifics weren’t really there. It was like horoscopes where it’s so general that it's impossible to argue against.

I don’t think there will be much fortune telling in my future (or for Ben who fell asleep during my session!) but it was a cool experience to do.