Why You Should Try to Catch a Pigeon Before You Die

This is one of the favorite things I did during my 10in10. I really wanted to catch a pigeon and I spent a good hour trying trying to do that. If you look at videos online, it seems easy but my experience was completely different.

The first thing I realized is that pigeons are pretty scary looking when you get close to them. I don’t know why I was surprised by this since pigeons are basically flying rats. Regardless, I got my bread ready and I tried to get the pigeons comfortable with my presence.

There was this brown pigeon who seemed to be the alpha male in the group. He would just push everybody around and force himself on all the food. I definitely couldn’t catch this guy but he also made it difficult to catch the pigeons around him.

The second thing I realized is how quick pigeons are. They will move away really quickly without even flying very high. They will come back though, especially if there’s still food. It must be such a tough internal struggle to come back to the area where something (me) just tried to grab you.

I failed this time but I’ll catch a pigeon one day!