How Hard Can It Be to Ride a Donkey? Crossing Off a Bucket List Item

I love animals, as my friends can tell you. I’m always dreaming about riding animals like bears (though it will probably kill you) or a panda (which probably wouldn’t work very well). As soon as I heard that we could ride donkeys for a few minutes, I knew I had to try it.

I rode horses when I was younger but I don’t really remember the experience so the donkey riding would be pretty new to me. Donkeys are much bigger in person that I would imagine and they didn’t seem very excited to have someone ride them. I imagine horses have the same expression though.

The actual ride is very short and you go up a flight of stairs. I took the camera with me and that turned out to be hard to do without falling off the donkey. I managed to hold on to the camera and myself as the donkey went up the stairs and ended up with a pretty cool video.

We also had a bit of race going on with the other donkeys who were going up the stairs and I think I got second or third place. Well the donkey got second or third place, I didn’t do much.