How Begging for Change Challenges Your Comfort Zone

This was the toughest experience I did, not because of any physical requirements but from a mental point of view. I was really nervous before doing it mostly out of embarrassment to be asking for change.

We spent a couple of hours getting set up for it which is crazy since we only needed a piece of cardboard. Anyway, once we found our cardboard, we found a popular plaza and decided to do it there.

I was only sitting there for 15 minutes but I hated every minute. I just wanted to get up and put the sign away. I didn’t get any money though I did get two conversations with other travellers who were actually interested in my story and why I was doing it. That turned out to be a surprise since I didn’t think anyone would actually stop and ask me how I was doing.

I don’t think I can recommend this experience to everybody but its always useful to put your fears into the right perspective. We all fear being judged but once you put yourself out there, you realize it really isn’t that bad.