ATV: Vroom Vroom in Santorini, Greece

As a tourist in Santorini, the main mode of transportation is the ATV. I’ve actually never driven or rode on an ATV before, so you could imagine my excitement when we decided to rent our own ATV.

I’ve always loved cars, so this was a pretty neat experience. The time it took to learn to drive an ATV was probably less than 30 minutes. The ATV we got didn’t go too fast, the top speed was about 55km/hr while carrying both Ruben and I… and about 60km/hr when it was just one of us. Regardless of the speed, it felt pretty awesome being able to drive all around the island on our own schedule and enjoying the amazing view everywhere we explored.

I would 100% recommend renting an ATV when you’re on a small island like Santorini because we were able to easily zoom zoom from one end to the other within 40 minutes or so.

And not to mention, ATVs make parking a super easy task :)

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