The Basics of #10in10

The Experience #10in10 challenge was created to inspire each and every one of us to experience something new and break away from our usual routines. The goal is to complete 10 new experiences within 10 weeks – and although it works out to one experience a week, you have the flexibility to complete them in whatever timeline that works for you.

How This All Started

We spent 1 month backpacking Europe together in the summer of 2015. Prior to this trip, we had asked ourselves how we could make our month together as memorable as possible. With that in mind, we came up a list of 10 experiences each that we would like to cross off our bucket list. As backpackers on a limited budget, our list of experiences ranged from learning how to whistle and giving free hugs, to scuba diving and riding donkeys. And just like that, we packed up our bags, charged our GoPro, and started documenting each new experience.

Having completed all the experiences that we set out to do, we found that we had grown so much since the beginning of the trip. We had our fair share of moments where we almost backed out and also moments where we discovered a whole new side of us. Some of the experiences we chose even forced us to face our fears and get out of our comfort zone.

As we reflected on our experiences, we thought that we could use our videos to inspire you to do something similar. To challenge yourself and experience something new. To try a new restaurant, go skydiving or simply volunteer your time. Start your #10in10 today.

What #10in10 Is All About

The Experience10in10 challenge is about doing 10 things you’ve always wanted to do but never found the time. The goal of the challenge is to inspire people to break out of their daily routine and experience something new.

You don’t need a giant plan to try out a new experience. New experiences are like ice cream, they come in different flavors, they can be big or small, and they usually don’t last too long, but they leave you with a great memory, and you always want more of it.

By Completing #10in10, You Will

  • Have gained totally new perspectives to your everyday life
  • Gain more confidence in pushing yourself to new boundaries
  • Have 10 new stories to share with your friends and family!
  • Feel productive and a huge sense of accomplishment (this isn’t easy)
  • Get featured by Experience 10in10 on social media and our website!

A Sneak Peek at Our #10in10

Joining #10in10 is as Simple as 1, 2, 3.

Start With One Experience.

What’s one thing that you’ve always wanted to do? For example, that one restaurant that you’ve seen in your Instagram feed that you wanted to visit. Or how about the the time you thought about going to the movie alone, but never did? Start with one experience to get some momentum going.

Plan & Get Accountable.

The next step is to put it into your calendar and even tell your friends about it (this way your friends keep you accountable). What day, what time, and what do you need to complete this new experience?

No excuses, you're on a mission now.

Do It & Share

We track all experiences with the general hashtag #10in10. However, you can also create your own unique hashtag by incorporating “10in10” in it, so that you can look back at all your experiences!

For example: #benche10in10 or #10in10forruben